Case Results

People v. James A

.10 breath case. Suppression Motion granted. All Charges dismissed.

People v. Ruben M.

Felony accident with two persons with Great Bodily injury looking at 10 years. Dropped to a misdemeanor first and no jail time.

People v. Gerald P.

.18 Blood case. Accepted offer of drunk in public.

People v. Shannon F.

.10 PAS to .13 Blood. Mid trial, after disqualifying expert, Mr. Brehmer accepted a 2 year conditional dismissal to a dry reckless offer.

People v. Carlie A.

.15/.15 Breath and Blood case. Trial Verdict: Not guilty all counts.

People v. Brian T.

.10/.10 breath case. Trial verdict: Not guilty all counts.

People v. Armando L.

.13/.13/.13/.13 DUI. Won both DMV and trial. Trial verdict in 13 minutes.

People v. Kenneth T.

.17/.18 DUI after reported by private citizen. Bad driving and horrible SFSTs. Dismissed by Judge following prosecution case.

DMV v. Jerry R.

.27 Second DUI. License reinstated without suspension. Pending Criminal Case.

People v. Ronald A.

.23 DUI with rear end car accident caused by client. 4 occupants of car. Dismissal of Felony to 1st time DUI.

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